Manitobans have used many methods to stay connected to each other, to other communities, to Canada and to the world.

Wooden Pulley from 1880 ferry crossing

Wooden Ferry Pulley

Pacific Junction Train Station Sign

Pacific Junction sign

Ashlock Printing Press

Ashlock Printing Press

Original wood type

Wooden Printing Type

"Lost girl" cotton dress & bonnet

Cotton dress & bonnet

Centennial Quilt 1970 RM Turtle Mountain

Turtle Mountain Centennial Quilt '70


1890s Exhibition game baseball

Leather Flight Cap & Goggles

Leather flight cap & goggles

Bed Cover

Embroidered bed cover CU

Telephone Switchboard

telephone switchboard

Hardwood wall phone

wood wall phone

Brick cell phones

"Brick" cel phones

Tribune Gargoyle 1914

Tribune Gargoyle 1914

Locomotive #3

Locomotive No 3

Coach 103

Coach 103

Barnes hand/foot-powered table saw

hand/foot-generated table saw

Bobbie Helmet

Bobbie helmet

St-Georges Ferry (& replica)

Car on St-Georges Ferry photo