The World We Live In

The natural environment shapes, challenges and provides for the people that call Manitoba home.

Challenges and Hardships

People in Manitoba have struggled to overcome a difficult climate and challenging remoteness.


Problems have been solved by clever ideas and inventions that improved the lives of Manitobans and Canadians.


Manitobans have used many methods to stay connected to each other, to other communities, to Canada and to the world.

Making Your Mark

Manitoba may not have a large population, but its citizens have made a major impact on Canada and around the world.

What We Can't Live Without

Imagine life in Manitoba without these functional objects. We can't!

Home Sweet Home

Comfort, security, and a little tender loving care - sometimes small things make a big difference.

Body and Soul

Manitobans are resourceful in finding ways to ensure their physical health and enhance their spiritual well-being.

Fun and Games

Life isn't just hard work! Manitobans have discovered myriad ways to rejuvenate, relax and just plain have fun!

Paying the Price

Unfortunately, tragedy and war are an inevitable part of history and people sometimes pay the highest price.


Is it the cold? The isolation? Manitobans are creative in many unique and artistic ways. The resulting vibrant arts and culture community has helped shape the province's identity.

Hopes and Dreams

In striving to achieve their hopes and dreams, many passionate Manitobans have improved not only their own lives but also those of their families and communities.