1935 Grey Cup Souvenir Wood Football
1926 Model T Ford-1917 Smith Form-a-Tractor kit
Ruby Street Bison (bones)
Plough (model)
Linotype Plate (Printing Press Plate)
Crowfoot Violet (Viola pedatifida)

Association of Manitoba Museums
150 for 150 Exhibit
150th year since Canada’s Confederation -- in 2017.
150th anniversary of Manitoba becoming a province -- in 2020.

These two milestones inspired the 150 for 150 Exhibit – the Association of Manitoba Museums online exhibit of 150 artifacts telling Manitoba’s stories as part of Canada. Museums throughout the province submitted almost 250 artifacts for inclusion in this exhibit. From these, AMM adjudicators selected 150.

These 150 artifacts could be called priceless but, after all, they are just things. Their real value lies in the stories of the people who owned, used, lived in, and cherished these artifacts.


The 150 for 150 Exhibit was supported in part by / Ce projet est financé en partie par: