Chapter: Innovation

Bison Bones from Brockinton Site

"From when bison ruled the plains"
900 CE bison bones from Brockinton Site (Souris River floodplain) Bison skulls on site


These are bison bones from the Brockinton Site, a National Historic Site of Canada. The bones date to about 900 CE (current era) when a herd of bison were driven into a fenced pound on the Souris River floodplain. Hundreds of animals are represented in the bones from this site.

The Brockinton Site demonstrated the ingenuity of First Nation people who used the geographical relief of Souris River floodplain to help conceal a fenced bison pound. The bison were chased from the wide open plain over the edge of the floodplain into a fenced area. The bison harvested at this place ensured the survival of the group by providing food, shelter, and raw materials for tools. This is one of the best excavated and interpreted bison pound sites in Manitoba.