Challenges and Hardships

People in Manitoba have struggled to overcome a difficult climate and challenging remoteness.

Spoke Shave

Spoke Shave tool

Surveyors Chain

Surveyors' Chain

Fire Cart

fire cart

Operating Headframe-Skip Model (ore mining)

headframe-skip for ore loads

1880s traditional log cabin (replica)

Log Cabin replica-exterior

Statue of the Immaculate Conception

Immaculate Conception statue

Semlin (Sod House)

Semlin (sod house) exterior


Blowpot operation

Signature of St. Claude jail prisoner

Rail rider gaol wall signature

Linotype Plate (Printing Press Plate)

Linotype printing press plate

Polio Doll - Bertha Buydens Matthys

(circa) 1912 "polio" doll

Iron Lung

Iron lung

Flour Sack for Belgium War Relief

Needlepoint on WWI flour sack