Chapter: Innovation

Cream Separator Replica

"No more waiting for the cream to rise to the top"
Replica of a 1900s Cream Separator used until the Eriksdale creamery closed in the late 1980s Cream Separator & can


This is replica of a cream separator used on the farms to separate the cream from the milk. It consists of the separator, two pails and a cream can. Cream all started back on the farm. The farmers milked the cows, then poured the milk into the bowl on top of the cream separator. The handle was turned allowing the milk to go through discs that used centrifugal force to separate the milk into its thicker cream and thinner skim milk. After this process the cream was put into cream cans, loaded onto the cream truck that passed regularly by the farm, and sent off to the Eriksdale Creamery where the cream was processed for butter and buttermilk.