Chapter: Hopes and Dreams

Cash box made by Ambroise Lépine

"An 'indirect' cash box"
1870s cash box of exiled Ambroise Lépine - for monies from Prime Minister Cash box


Ambroise Lépine used this box, called a câssette, for his own businesses. When he was exiled it held the monies received from the Prime Minister.

During the Red River Resistance, Lépine served as the military leader of the Métis with the title of Adjutant-general. He had presided over Thomas Scott's court-martial although he was personally opposed to his execution. Lépine came to be regarded as Riel's co-conspirator by those who thought Scott's execution was nothing short of murder. At the request of Sir John A. Macdonald and Bishop Taché, Lépine and Riel went into voluntary exile from Manitoba in 1872. At Bishop Taché's request, each man received the sum of $1,000 from the Prime Minister, by indirect means.