Hopes and Dreams

In striving to achieve their hopes and dreams, many passionate Manitobans have improved not only their own lives but also those of their families and communities.

Triple Baptism (water) for Pan Am Pool

Pool baptism bottles

David Hinks fishing

Flight Sergeant David Hinks fishing

Dance Card with pencil attached

Dance Card with pencil

Cash box made by Ambroise L├ępine

Cash box

The Children's Museum Building

Derelict train repair facility

Speed Skate Skinsuit

Olympics speed skate skinsuit

List of Registered Electors with only men's names

Men-only Registered Electors list

Leg Shackle Key & Jail Cell Key

Riel leg shackle & jail cell keys

1926 Model T Ford-1917 Smith Form-a-Tractor kit

Model T tractor conversion

Equipment for Special Constables

Special Constables equipment: baton, armband, badge

Countess of Dufferin Train

Countess of Dufferin replica