Chapter: Hopes and Dreams

Dance Card with pencil attached

#9 Foxtrot, Mr. Smith
1909 Dominion City Dance Card (B Squadron 18th Mounted Rifles) Dance Card with pencil


We never know when we will meet that special someone. Long work hours, vast distances and not to mention a lack of online dating made socializing far more difficult in 1909 than present day. One of the best ways however to meet a potential sweetheart was at the community dance. Dances were a popular form of entertainment especially in small towns where there may be few other ways to publicly socialize.

The dance card is from a ball held in Dominion City on January 8th, 1909 organized by Dr. O'Brien in honour of B Squadron 18th Mounted Rifles. Dance cards were given to all women attending the function. The card listed the evening's dance program and was often kept as a souvenir of the occasion. When a gentleman asked a lady to dance she would write down his name next to the agreed upon dance. This avoided the potentially embarrassing situation of agreeing to dance with two different gentlemen at the same time.