Chapter: Hopes and Dreams

Triple Baptism (water) for Pan Am Pool

"Pan Am Pool baptized by three oceans"
1967 Pan Am Pool Triple Baptism water (Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic Oceans) & plaque Pool baptism bottles


When the city of Winnipeg was designated as the host city for the 1967 Pan American Games it was decided by the Mayors and Reeves Association of Greater Winnipeg that the city should build an indoor swimming pool. The pool would be world-class and proudly serve the visiting athletes and later the growing population of Winnipeg.

What better way to proudly open this brand-new facility than with a baptism? These bottles contained water collected from the three oceans bordering Canada (Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic) which was ceremoniously added to the pool before the games began.

The pool, now called the Pan-Am Pool, still serves the city of Winnipeg and in 1999 was once again used for the Pan American Games.