Making Your Mark

Manitoba may not have a large population, but its citizens have made a major impact on Canada and around the world.

Grant's Old Mill

Grant's Old Mill

Gabrielle Roy Medals Gr 8 1924 & posthumous 1991

Grade 8 MB French Excellence

Taché inkstand

Tache sail boat Inkstand

1935 Grey Cup Souvenir Wood Football

1935 Souvenir Wood Football

1931 Dogsled Trophy of Emile St. Godard

Emile St. Godard's dog sled Trophy

Liberty Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisher tube

Firebag (beaded)

Firebag (beaded)

Seton sketch "A.S.T. Shanty" (Cabin)

Seton sketch: A.S.T. Shanty

The Wolf (sculpture)

Wolf sculpture

Ventriloquist's doll, Jerry

Len Vintus & Jerry