Making Your Mark

Manitoba may not have a large population, but its citizens have made a major impact on Canada and around the world.

Grant's Old Mill

Grant's Old Mill

Gabrielle Roy Medals Gr 8 1924 & posthumous 1991

Grade 8 MB French Excellence

Taché inkstand

Tache sail boat Inkstand

1935 Grey Cup Souvenir Wood Football

1935 Souvenir Wood Football

1931 Dogsled Trophy of Emile St. Godard

Dog Sled Trophy-St Godard

Liberty Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisher tube

Firebag (beaded)

Firebag (beaded)

Seton sketch "A.S.T. Shanty" (Cabin)

Seton sketch: A.S.T. Shanty

The Wolf (sculpture)

Wolf sculpture

Ventriloquist's doll, Jerry

Len Vintus & Jerry