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Please note that course registrations were increased as of August 2016.

Member rates:
One day course
   $125 for the first registration
   $110 for a second registration from the same institution for the same course

Two day course
   $180 for the first registration
   $150 for a second registration from the same institution for the same course

Non-member rates:
One day course

Two day course

Courses are limited to 20 participants.

Certificate Program in Museum Practice


The Museum Facility

June 23 & 24, 2017 (subject to change)

Registration deadline: June 15, 2017

If you have a museum you have a facility that needs to be taken care of the same as your collections do. Your museum needs regular maintenance and attention, just like your house, in order for it to continue to do its job housing your collections and welcoming visitors.

The learning objectives for this course include:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the care and maintenance of the museum facility.
  • Knowledge of the research and documentation of the museum structure.
  • Identify the building systems integral to the safe and comfortable operation of the museum structure.
  • Understand the basics of museum development in relation to the museum’s mission and goals.
  • Overview knowledge of the areas of responsibility and activities involved in managing a facility.
  • Critical thinking skills in assessing the museum’s physical accessibility and planning for future change.

Instructors: Heather Beerling, Collections Specialist, and Jaret Olford, Red Door Property Management (formerly Museum Services Manager, Children’s Museum)
Where: Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, Brandon
Register: HERE

Organizing & Managing Museums

May 11, 2017 (Date change!)

Registration deadline: May 4, 2017

Only 5 spots left as of April 11!

Canada Games Sport for Life Centre (145 Pacific Ave, in the theatre), Winnipeg

With Organizing and Managing Museums you’ll develop knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a non-profit board based on the foundations of public trust and learn how to manage your museum in the areas of:

  • Decision-making and the need to work towards common goals and objectives
  • Policy writing
  • Risk management
  • Strategic planning
  • Operating environment of non-profit organizations, such as museums, including addressing issues of accountability, continued organizational viability, and maintaining involvement of the local community

Instructor:  Andrea Reichert, Manitoba Crafts Museum & Library and Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum
When: May 11, 2017
Where: Canada Games Sport for Life
Register: HERE

Specialized Courses


Exhibit Techniques - Essentials in Label Writing (formerly Sex, Lies and Label Writing)

January 21, 2017

Mennonite Heritage Village, Steinach

Registration deadline is January 13, 2017

Member Fees: $125 for the first registration, $110 for the second registration from the same institution.
Non-members: $165 per registration

Please note that the Certificate course, Exhibit Design, is being held the day before this Specialized course and in the same location. You need to take, or have taken, Exhibit Design before you can take this Specialized course.