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Conservator Hacks

Jane Dalley, the professional conservator who runs our Cultural Stewardship Program (CSP), writes an article called "Conservator Hacks" for our e-newsletter, the AMM Messenger.

We felt that her articles were great resources that should be on our website, so here they are (they are listed from oldest to newest):



Top Five Facts About Clothes Moths (February 6, 2019)

Archival "quality"? Really? (February 21, 2019)

Flood-casting: Part 1 (March 7, 2019)

Flood-casting: Part 2 Includes a list of FREE, helpful apps (March 21, 2019)

Re-Orging (April 09, 2019)

The Pool Noodles Are Back! (May 29, 2019)

Suppliers List Part 2 (June 20, 2019)

Yes, but is it acid-free? (July 21, 2019)

Surveillance on the Cheap (October 22, 2019)


When the Rubber Meets the Collection (January 22, 2020)

Asbestos (March 4, 2020)

Surviving COVID-19 (March 18, 2020)

Flood Outlook (April 3, 2020)

Update on 2020 Spring Flood Potential (April 20, 2020)

COVID-19 (April 30, 2020)

Flood Advice (July 2, 2020)

CODE RED! (November 16, 2020)


Humidity and Pollutants (February 17, 2021)

Conservator Hack for February 17, 2021

Silver Polishing (March 3, 2021)

Conservator Hack (March 18, 2021)

Freezers; upright or chest? (April 8, 2021)

Using a Freezer for Pest Control (April 20, 2021)

Reimagining via ReOrg (May11, 2021)

Cold Storage of Unstable Materials (May 26, 2021)

Covers for Outdoor Artifact Storage  (June 9, 2021)

Reducing the Effects of Wildfires (July 7, 2021)

Using Heat for Fumigation (July 21, 2021)

Caring for Old Newspapers (August 11, 2021)

You Can't Know Too Much About Insects - Really! (August 25, 2021)

It's a Match! (September 10 & 21, 2021)

Silver Polishing Made Fun! (November 4, 2021)

(More) Silver Polishing Made Fun! (November 18, 2021)

Pool(noodle)ing Our Resources (December 2, 2021)

Holiday Safety Tips (December 16, 2021)



Canadian Conservation Institute

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) has a new online toolkit called RE-ORG: A Method to Reorganize Museum Storage. In addition to the English and French versions, Spanish and Portuguese versions have also been published, thanks to their partners in the Ibermuseos Program. 

The four-part, downloadable toolkit was developed in partnership with ICCROM and is designed to guide heritage institutions through the process of transforming their storage areas so that they can improve preventive conservation conditions as well as access to collections within their facilities. The RE-ORG method has been used by the RE-ORG: Canada participating institutions since 2014 and has been applied in over 100 institutions worldwide.
Use this resource to reorganize your storage, to offer advice or to train others. Get started by watching “RE-ORG Fundamentals: Intro to the RE-ORG Method,” a short tutorial video developed by CCI.

CCI Notes
CCI Notes
deal with topics of interest to those who care for cultural objects. Intended for a broad audience, the Notes offer practical advice about issues and questions related to the care, handling and storage of cultural objects. Many Notes are illustrated and provide bibliographies as well as suggestions for contacting suppliers. There are currently over 100 Notes in this ever-expanding series written by CCI staff members.

Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian Copyright Law - 10 Common Canadian Copyright Law Myths



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