Association of Manitoba Museums


The Association of Manitoba Museums is a Registered Charity. You can access the information we have filed with the Canadian Charities Directorate here.

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Monetary donations to the AMM go toward supporting our Training Programs. These monies help us hire experts to teach and develop courses, move the courses around the province to make them as accessible as possible to as many people as possible, and to help keep course fees affordable for the nearly 200 museums in the province.

The AMM offers the Certificate Program in Museum Practice (CPMP) and Specialized Courses.

The CPMP consists of seven basic-level courses designed to help museum Staff, Volunteers, and Board Members to be the best stewards that they can be.

Specialized Courses are either developed by the AMM or brought in to address specific areas in museum work. These courses can be at a basic or professional level. The courses offered reflect an expressed interest from our members.

For more information on courses.

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