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Professional Development

Training Opportunities:

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The AMM offers excellent Training opportunities for staff (paid and volunteer) and boards of museums. Including:

Certificate Program in Museum Practice

This program consists of eight, one- or two-day courses, taught in a workshop format, designed for museum board, staff or volunteers who are new to the museum world or those who wish to obtain a better understanding of museums.

Participants who complete the program by attending and completing the assignments for seven of the courses will receive a certificate.

The courses are:

Organizing and Managing Museums - 1 day course
Develop the knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a non-profit board based on the foundations of public trust and learn how to manage your museum in the areas of:

  • ·         Decision-making and the need to work towards common goals and objectives
  • ·         Policy writing
  • ·         Risk management
  • ·         Strategic planning
  • ·         Operating environment of non-profit organizations, such as museums, including addressing issues of accountability, continued organizational viability, and maintaining involvement of the local community.

Museums and the Community - 2 day course
It has been an age-old and ongoing challenge for museums to evolve and compete for the attention of visitors and residents alike. Now, perhaps more than ever before, museums must find a way to be relevant in a society focused on technology and entertainment. Museums large and small, urban and rural must actively seek out and work with a broad network of community partners in order to appeal to new audiences and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the collections and stories they preserve. Museums & the Community will help you define your museum’s role in the community and give you ideas for finding new partnerships that can make your museum an invaluable community service provider.

 Topics include:

  • ·         History and Philosophy of Museums
  • ·         Responding to a Changing Society
  • ·         Understanding Community
  • ·         Role of Museums for the Future
  • ·         Partnerships between Museums and Community

Collections Management - 1 day course
This course provides participants with the tools to properly manage a heritage collection. The course also outlines the legal and professional responsibilities with regards to records management for a museum collection.

 Having your artifacts properly catalogued and accounted for reduces time spent looking for things that may no longer exist and reduces the amount of handling delicate artifacts and possible exposure to harmful chemicals. By the end of the course participants will have a proper collections management policy and an understanding of the ethics involved in deaccessioning.

Collections Care and Preventive Conservation  - 2 day course
This introductory course will provide a basic understanding of general approaches to the handling and storing of museum objects. It will also help participants to identify problem areas in their own museums and how to address these areas.

Preventive Conservation is:

  • ·         Knowing your site, buildings, and collections
  • ·         Causes of deterioration
  • ·         Environmental monitoring and controls
  • ·         Preventive measures
  • ·         Storage, care and handling, display
  • ·         Policies and procedures: why bother?
  • ·         Classification of materials
  • ·         Condition reporting and treatments

Exhibit Design - 1 day course
This one-day workshop will help participants develop knowledge and understanding of how museum exhibitions serve as a means of communication. They will explore the essential elements of an exhibitions policy, and the relevant standards on which the policy should be based. Lighting, labels, and directing visitor traffic will also be discussed.

Museums and Education - 1 day course
This course has been developed to help museum workers (be they staff, volunteer or board members) to develop knowledge of the role of museums as learning institutions. Elements of a museum education policy and the role of evaluation in museum education programs will be discussed.

Participants will develop understanding of how to use objects in learning, how museum education serves the public trust, the relationship with the public in program planning, and the inter-relationship between educational approaches and visitors characteristics, needs and expectations. They will also develop skills in planning and developing a curriculum-based school program and planning and developing a public education program.

The Museum Facility - 2 day course
If you have a museum you have a facility that needs to be taken care of the same as your collections do. Your museum needs regular maintenance and attention, just like your house, in order for it to continue to do its job housing your collections and welcoming visitors.

 The learning objectives for this course include:

  • ·         Knowledge and understanding of the care and maintenance of the museum facility.
  • ·         Knowledge of the research and documentation of the museum structure.
  • ·         Identify the building systems integral to the safe and comfortable operation of the museum structure.
  • ·         Understand the basics of museum development in relation to the museum’s mission and goals.
  • ·         Overview knowledge of the areas of responsibility and activities involved in managing a facility.
  • ·         Develop critical thinking skills in assessing the museum’s physical accessibility and planning for future change.

Research: Policies, plans…action! (1 day)
Any good exhibit deserves to be properly researched in order to be factual, interesting and insightful. But where to go? What sources provide accurate information? Which sources are less reliable? Take this course and learn how to:

  • Identify research sources
  • Develop research policies and plans
  • Conduct research
  • Build community relationships

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Beryth Strong presented five Graduates with their certificates during the Annual Holiday Breakfast at the Hotel Fort Garry on Monday, December 4, 2017. Join us this year for 2 more presentations.



Dale Watts                            Ervin Gerbrandt                                 John Honer



Karen Sereda                                                     Leon Clegg

Specialized Courses

These are courses that are developed or brought in by the AMM to address specific needs of our members or to expand upon a course taught in our Certificate Program in Museum Practice.

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Bursaries/Grants Available

Canadian Museums Association offers Bursaries for Professional Development. Applications should be submitted four weeks before the course.

The Winnipeg Foundation also offers grants for Professional Development.